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Service & Repair


Diversified Storage Systems provides a variety of service and maintenance plans for your silo, dust collectors, augers, blowers and transfer equipment. Our crews are seasoned specialists when it comes to troubleshooting your problems and completing repairs.

DSS will assess your problems, develop a plan of action to rectify the issues and notify you before any work is started.

The DSS service crew is fully equipped to handle your maintenance issues from basic service to welding and fabricating. We can handle equipment installation, custom fabrication and offer our own line of silos, augers, blowers and dust collectors for purchase or rent.  

Dust Collector Inspection and Maintenance Program

Let DSS handle your routine dust collector maintenance. Our service crew will inspect each dust collector on a routine basis, fix any issues and supply a detailed inspection report each time. This will make dealing with the Air Resources Boards that much easier.

• Troubleshooting
• Maintenance Repairs
• Inspection & Reporting
• Filter/Cartridge Change outs
• Master Service Contracts
• Preventive Maintenance Plans

Diversified Storage Systems offers its own line of static dust collectors and we also offer WAM Inc. Pulse Jet Dust Collectors and parts.

Dust Collector Inspection & Maintenance
Initial Consultation Fee: $350.00 U.S. ( Fee will be applied towards first service charge upon acceptance of plan). Consultation includes visual inspection of filters/cartridges or equipment per operating and maintenance manuals along with a customized solution to meet your company’s needs. For more information and answers to all your questions please feel free to contact DSS. We are the industry leader in installation, fabrication and maintenance of silos & silo products. Why not put your valuable equipment in our professional hands!  

Service Rates

Domestic Rates:
Weekdays $125 U.S. per hour
Saturday s and overtime ( over 8 hours) $175.00 U.S. per hour
Sundays/Holidays $200.00 U.S. per hour

Travel, By Vehicle
$1.75 per mile, per vehicle (Using Map Quest miles)

Air Travel
The actual travel expense incurred by our employees from the time they leave the Diversified Storage System Facility to the time they return to the facility will be billed at cost. Flights to destinations outside North America will be billed at cost using business class rates. Any fees, tariffs, permits, licenses, etc. will be added to the service billing at cost.

Living / Accommodation Expenses:
1. Will be billed at cost, 2 service techs per room.
2. Meals will be billed at a flat fee of $40.00 U.S./day for domestic service.  

Equipment Rental
Any additional equipment needed to complete the job, such as a crane or man lift, will be billed at cost.  

If, because of local practices, strikes, construction delays, non-availability of convey material, or other reason(s) beyond DSS’s control, a DSS Technician is prevented from his/her duties, charges at the applicable rate during idle hours will be incurred. In such a case, customer may either instruct him/her to return home, thereby minimizing additional charges or if they feel the situation will be short duration, you may accept the extra expense of having him/her wait.

We suggest that when a DSS Technician is working in your plant, you assign one of your employees to participate in the service and be instructed in the proper operation and maintenance of the DSS equipment. We want you, as a valued customer, to be fully satisfied with our services. Our Service Technicians will cooperate with you every way possible.



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