DSS Air-Max 12D Blower – Gardner Denver CycloBlower – 4.5 Liter 80HP Diesel Motor

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Air-Max 12D Blower

Air-Max 12D Blower includes material transfer blower package. Compact design for easy mobility. Gardner Denver CycloBlower, for performance and reliability.


Standard Equipment

Blower - Gardner Denver positive displacement helical-lobe 12” cycloblower with oil level site window.

Motor - John Deere 4.5L Tier 2 Diesel Motor.
Direct Drive - Flywheel driven coupler.
Discharge Check Valve - 4” Eliminates back-flow of material into the blower.
Relief Valve - Auto reset pressure relief valve set at 18 psig which protects blower from over pressure.
Air Pressure Gauge - 3” Liquid filled dial.
Trailer Mounted - Covered Trailer for a reduced noise environment. ***
Controls - Throttle control, hour meter, motor Temperature & motor oil pressure.

*** Typical Truck blower at 10’ is 94 dec. Our 12D trailer mount is 86 dec. at 10’ 


Model 80D-12LB
Rated Pressure (PSI) 8 | 12 | 16
Air Flow (CFM) 650 | 640 | 610
Size 80 HP
RPM 1950 RPM
Diesel Motor 4.5 Liter

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