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Guppy 4200

Guppy 4200 Specifications

Standard features

  • 4100 cubic foot shell
  • Single compartment, 6 hoppers
  • Steel exterior with internal bracing
  • 15 PSI operating pressure
  • 6-30” fiber pads w/gasket
  • 20” manhole
  • Pressure relief valve set at 13 PSG
  • I4” fill line in front
  • 4” vent line in back
  • 5” discharge at rear
  • 6” steel sch 40 pipe manifolding
  • 6” butterfly valves with outlets
  • 3” air supply line with check valve
  • 3” butterfly valve
  • 2” air control valves for each hopper
  • 2–4” dial 0-30, gauges for tank & line pressure
  • 5th wheel trailer set up with air brakes, running lights
  • Prime and painted DSS Grey

Optional additional features

  • Blower mounted on front-diesel or electric

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