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Resources, Manuals, and FAQs Covering Our Wide Range of Dry Powder Storage Equipment.


Do you rent silos?

Yes! We have the most extensive and diverse rental fleet of dry powder silos anywhere in the United States.

Which silos are available to rent?

Our rental fleet consists mainly of our smaller silos that are easier to move. These include:

Plus, we also rent dust collectors and blowers as well as Bazooka Tube 1200s. The best way to find out our current availability is to give us a call directly.

What’s the difference between a Barrel and Cubic Feet?

A Barrel is an old way of measuring cement for sale. A Barrel of cement equals 4 cubic feet. For example, a 350 barrel silo is 1400c.f.

What is “Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying”?

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying is one of the most popular methods for moving bulk products in the cement industry. Pneumatic conveying refers to the moving of bulk powder products suspended in or forced by a gas stream through horizontal and/or vertical pipes. Pneumatic conveying can be used for particles ranging from fine powders to pellets and bulk densities of 16 to 3200 kg/m3 (1 to 200 lb/ft3)

What size blower do I need for my project?

The size of the blower needed depends on a few variables. Most notable, you need to consider:

  1. How far you will be blowing horizontally and vertically
  2. How many turns you’ll make
  3. What size line you’re working with
  4. What material you’re going to be storing

Using that information, we can help you figure out the most effective blower for your unique project needs.

Can I see your past work?

You can browse several of our past projects, ranging from standard silos to unique solutions for storage and transfer.

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