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SuperSax TransPod

Designed to pneumatically transfer dry bulk in SuperSax to a storage silo or truck, the SuperSax TransPod system is a portable, self-contained system.

The design includes several unique features that aim to make the TransPod system a must-have for jobs that require transfers from SuperSax to bulk storage.

SuperSax TransPod Specifications

Standard features

  • 150c.f. Open top hopper with air manifolding to the dust collector
  • DSS “U” shaped bag cutting blade
  • 14” ACS Special Vane feeder tungsten coating AR rotor, oversized shaft, air purge
  • Pneumatic transfer line under valve with 3” inlet and 5” discharge, control butterfly valve
  • WAM FNS 400 Fan draw pulse jet collector
  • Collection hopper under dust collector
  • WAM ES 4” auger to return dust back to the main hopper
  • OLI MV 690 480v vibrator on cone
  • 3hp 480v Air compressor
  • 480v 50amp Allen Bradley electrical starter panel with all controls wires to the unit
  • Support frame with forklift pockets
  • Prime and painted DSS Grey

Note: This unit does not include a transfer blower

Optional additional features

  • Screw pump in multiple sized

To learn which units are available for rent, visit our Resources section.

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