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Process Silos

Browse photos of custom process silos we provided for unique projects

Asphalt Plant - Additive Feeding

PQ Corp was developing a new additive for the asphalt industry and wanted to run trials without having to spend a ton of money on new equipment. We supplied rental units to provide the storage they needed, including a PD tank with 2200c.f., which acted as a storage vessel.

They used this in conjunction with a SuperSax 1500 with load cells, which could meter out specific weight into the asphalt process. PQ Corp was able to use our equipment to set up trials, easily allowing their customers to try out their new materials at a low cost.

DSS Process Silos Feeder Silos for Emission Control

Feeder Silos for Emission Control

Buzzi Cement, based in Texas, needed to reduce their stack emissions. They coordinated with another company that used an injector system to mix the materials and inject it into their stack. As a turnkey solution to fix their emissions issue, we supplied them with two different silos to meter the hydrated lime and sodium bicarbonate into the injector system. They quickly and easily got the system running without having to invest in a ton of equipment.

DSS Process Silos Cemex Black Rock

Cemex Black Rock

These clients needed a small silo to feed a new additive into their cement mix. We were able to spec out a custom 1400c.f silo with a feeding system, which had load cells to meter out the material and inject it into their process. They wanted a system that was easy to install, with everything attached to the silo. All they had to do was hook up their signal controls to get started.

DSS Process Silos National Ready Mix

National Ready Mix

Located in Labec, California, these clients purchased this to add an additive to their cement manufacturing process. We supplied them with a turnkey 3600c.f. silo with a metering system that injected their mix directly into the process.

DSS Process Silos Riverside Cement

Riverside Cement

These clients based out of California came to us with a new additive that they wanted to try in their cement. Since they were experimenting with a new additive, they decided to rent a unit that specifically metered out and weighed the material on a metered discharge. In addition, the auger had to be custom-made to fit the location.

DSS Process Silos Silos with Grout Pumps

Silos with Grout Pumps

Bauer, located in Florida, got a custom 300 Lo-Pro with an added swivel discharge outlet to feed dual mixers. This modification allowed them to easily swivel the discharge to hit different points on several different mixers. This project also included a custom paint job.

Custom Lo-Pro 200 & Lo-Pro 300

Fricks, based out of Texas, got a custom-made 200 Lo-Pro on a 300 Lo-Pro frame. They wanted to be able to carry equipment along with the unit, so we took the frame of a 300 and put a 200 Lo-Pro hopper on it. This allowed them to consolidate, carrying only one truckload rather than using multiple trucks or taking several trips.

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