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Specialty Equipment

See a wide variety of specialty equipment and learn how they were used on custom projects for our clients

Portable Dust Collector

LHOIST is a Nationwide company that needed a specific portable dust collector to move through different railyards to unload railcars. The system needed to be self-contained and able to handle a continuous flow of material, so we put together this trailer-mounted unit with a 15000c.f. Pulse Jet Dust Collector. The system included an all-in-one air compressor and generator and was fully gas-powered.

Run at Mine

Equinox, based out of California, was running a gold processing project. They needed equipment to excavate orr that had fragments of gold dust in it, which needed to be leached out. To do this, they fill dump trucks with orr, drive the trucks under silos, and based on the amount of orr, they meter a specific amount of lime onto the trucks. They needed to meter a specific amount of lime to the top of dump trucks, so they required a single silo that offered redundancy and precision. To meet their needs, we used dual augers and dual weight-hoppers.

DSS Specialty Equipment Hycroft

Hycroft, located in Nevada, wanted something that was small and portable so that they could easily move it around the mine they were using for the project. We custom-built them a skid-mounted silo to meet their needs.

Western Mesquite, based out of California, wanted redundancy for their project, so they asked for two completely separate systems. We created two lime-feeding systems to be used for work in a large mine.

DSS Specialty Equipment Slurry Cement Operation

Slurry Cement Operation

These clients were feeding bentonite clay into a mix and required extra storage to complete the job properly. We supplied them with several different units, including SuperSack equipment and bulk storage such as silos that were used to feed pumps for the slurry application.

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