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SuperSax Equipment

Take a look at past projects where DSS provided SuperSax equipment for custom jobs

DSS SuperSax Equipment Bulk Bag to Bulk Metering

Bulk Bag to Bulk Metering

These clients were working on the new Oakland Bay Bridge. They had a specialty grout mix that needed to be used on the project, but it was only available in bulk bags. For this project, we rented them a Bazooka Tube to convert the bulk grout mix that dropped into a 2000 Lo-Pro, which then metered out grout into their mix.

We set their equipment up on the new bridge and their team was able to efficiently convert their bulk bags into bulk and meter it out into their grout pump.

DSS SuperSax Equipment Custom Unit - Bazooka Tube

Custom Unit - Bazooka Tube

An overseas company enlisted us for an easy-to-use Bazooka Tube that could be easily moved around to convert a bulk bag of cement to go into a volumetric cement truck for runway repairs. It also needed to be completely self-contained, so it was diesel-powered hydraulic.

DSS SuperSax Equipment Lime Dosing

Lime Dosing

Mine Water, located in Colorado, was performing wastewater treatment at a mine. For the project, groundwater had to be treated before it could be released, so they were running it through a tank and injecting hydrated lime to reduce the PH. This SuperSax unit was filled with hydrated lime and metered out into water treatment.

DSS SuperSax Equipment Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization

This client could only get the material they needed in bulk, so we provided a SuperSax TransPod which rips the bulk bag, runs it through a rotary vane feeder and blows it into the silo. From the silo, they could meter it into a pugmill for soil stabilization. To complete the job, they rented several units from us, including a silo, a SuperSax unit, and a blower.

DSS SuperSax Equipment Custom Unit - SuperSax 1500

Custom Unit - SuperSax 1500

These clients were in the midst of a foundation work project and required a SuperSax 1500, which they integrated onto a skid mount operation.

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