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Blending Systems

See how we’ve helped clients with custom blending systems built to improve efficiency and cut down project time

DSS Blending Systems Haliburton Blending Operation

Haliburton Blending Operation

Haliburton wanted to set up a trial to test out some low-pressure, portable blending systems to put into operation. Because they traditionally worked with high-pressure tanks, they were looking for an easier-to-set-up, low-pressure system.

The challenge was dealing with their very specific requirements regarding how the silos are fabricated and painted and ensuring that the unique components on each silo were in line with their distinct needs.

Our team customized these six connected silos which were used to house different additives, with control valves along the bottom that allowed their team to pull from each silo as needed, leading to another silo to blend additives.

DSS Blending Systems SirMix Blending

SirMix Blending

SirMix, located in Long Beach, California, is a blending and bagging company. We built them a custom blending plant that has multiple silos for additives, including cement, lime, sand, and more. It blends, mixes, and meters everything, then transfers it into an air blender. The air blender blows over to two silos which can bag 50 to 90lb bags.

Their challenge was that they had a tiny blender using skip loaders. Our bulk system cut their labor time as well as material delivery cost by completely automating the process. With a touch of the button, the silos could mix and turn on the blender.

DSS Blending Systems Blending with Air Blender

Blending with Air Blender

DMI, based in California, needed a high-volume blending system. They needed to be able to quickly blend a high volume of different material, and then send it over to a finished silo for load-out in a truck.

We built them an 1100c.f. blender that uses high-volume air to blend the material with 4 feeder silos surrounding the blender, and everything on load cells. Our custom design was able to automate the process for their specific recipe – with one button, they were able to run a batch, automatically filling the specific amount of material and sending it to a load-out silo. They could then load it into bulk trucks as needed.

Our system doubled the capacity of their old system, and we added additional silos so they could have more additives. They went from two to four silos, cutting blend time by more than 50%.

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